Covered in paint and surrounded by empty cans of fizzy water

I’m taking a break from painting Dawn’s dining room. She’s done most of the work, but I sort of enjoy painting so I’ve been helping a bit. Right now, though, I’m finishing off the last bit of Watergate salad I made last night and reading my RSS feeds. I came across this color test which is a whole lot more comprehensive than any other one I’ve ever taken.

Me? Really??

The results seem to be pretty close to the way I see myself, pointing out my short-comings pretty well.  I don’t organize or manage very well and I’m not always good with details.  I think I’m pretty imaginative and I know I’m an intellectual, and something of a snob about it, so that fits.

Suzani ribbon, 2.5" wide, $10.00 per yard

While I was poking around my regular blog reads I came across a link to LFN Textiles, which is a wondrous place filled with things like Suzani ribbons and perfectly lovely holiday ribbons like this doily ribbon:

$6 per yard. Wrap all your gifts in this!

Cafe Cartolina, the newest addition to my blogroll, reminded me of one of my favorite online shops, Pearl River.  I haven’t visited it in a long time but it seems like a good idea, now that I’m back into decorating with a kind of fury.

Our fierce First Lady

And I mean, seriously, how cool is this tote bag?  Pearl River is a kind of pan-Asian, kitsch-meets-classic place with everything from tea and snacks to bedding and furniture.  There’s a lot of fun to be had here, especially with items like these melamine plates in traditional designs.

Oh, melamine, why are you so dangerous??

Then I found a wonderful Dutch site called Pip with a lot of adorable textiles and other things that make my heart happy.  I recognize their stuff isn’t to everyone’s taste, being a little on the cute/shabby side, but there are things that just make me want to break out my credit card and say “to hell with the outrageous postage charges from the Netherlands, I’m having this!”

Want. One.

Seriously, what do you think something like this duvet cover does to a bedding junkie like myself?

Okay, Dawn is here looking over my shoulder and eating potato chips, so I think it’s time we got back to work.  Second coat of the main color goes on now, then The Sponging!  TTFN


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