The cozy new place in the neighborhood

Buddha and his kitty look quite pleased, too.

So this really marks the beginning of our patio life.  We’re having a barbecue tomorrow and we spent several hours today cleaning up outside and moving things around.  We wrapped the trunks of the magnolia with white lights, and hung some lanterns (even though we don’t have candles for them) set up the tables and chairs and got the grill and prep area, well… prepped.

Then about seven, we took our supper out and had our first al fresco meal on the new patio.  the sun was no longer in our eyes by that time and it was beginning to be cooler  and more pleasant,  so we lit a citronella candle and sat down to a dinner of fresh bread, salami, olives, cheese and our favorite wine, Columbelle ’07.

A feast fit for the gods! Well, okay, for us.

While we were eating, one of Mortimama’s (We named the big bunny Mortimer but then realized she had produced a littler; hence, Mortimama.)  baby buns hopped into the yard, sat for a moment or two and decided that two middle-aged women who were drinking too much wine, were probably not safe for young buns, and hopped back out again.  Such a sweet little fuzzy butt, too.

We're at our best in the dark.

The darker it got, the prettier it got.  Several people from next door said how nice things looked, and we agreed.  I suppose that was immodest, but it really was beautiful.  We have plans to add lights to the rest of the garden.  Carlos, our neighbor is offering to get them for us as a gift, which is awfully sweet of him.  But even with just the one set of lights on the magnolia tree, it was magical for both of us.  We found it impossible to tear ourselves away from the garden this evening, and I expect we’ll be spending a lot more time out there than we ever have before.

Seriously, not one dollar of the patio money do I regret.  It was money well spent and will continue to give us pleasure for a lot of years, I hope.  We’re busy planning a mosaic, a gallery of portraits of our kitties and a lot of other stuff.  I think it’ll end up being perfect for us.

I really don’t recall the last time I felt that simply happy and content.

ETA: All photos by Dawn


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