The “getting there” stage.

Roses from my neighbor

I’m back in let’s-fix-this mode which means I’m officially in the “getting there” stage of decorating.  I’ve spent the better part of the last week overrun by workmen of various sorts and the result has been quite good overall, in spite of minor meltdowns and so forth.  Photos of some of the most recent accomplishments can be found over on my Flicker photostream.

Garbage can redemption

I was out earlier, hoping to get a pile of boxes out in time to catch the garbage truck (No joy there) and ran into my neighbor to the west.  I told him how beautiful his roses were this year and he cut me some.  I wish you could smell them; they have the most delicate scents, and all are different.  I can hardly wait until I can get mine planted, but getting together with Francisco isn’t easy.  I hope to see him again later in the week.

My garbage can used to give me a swift pain.  I wanted one of those shiny, red jobs with the hydraulic lids, but figured that feeding my cat was a little more important than stylish garbage, so I bought a white plastic one.  And hated it with a fury until I discovered the 99 cent stickers at Target.  Now it’s covered in a bright, pretty garden of flowers and we’re both much happier.  It says “thank you” to me whenever I pass.

The slightly less sunny porch avec storage

Ikea has been a lifesaver during this stage of decorating.  It’s provided me with some good, clean storage options for both kitchen and living room.  I’ve moved all my cookbooks out to the sun porch, and am filling up niches with cups and saucers, tea, coffee and various knick-knacks and small appliances.  The Expedit storage tower hung horizontally, makes a terrific coffee and tea station.

Once I get everything placed out here, I’ll be painting.  The walls will be a pale lemon and I think I’m going to do the spaces inside the two towers (Pause for geekly chortling) the same red that’s on the door, opposite this wall.

Sharp-eyed readers will note that I have a shitload of tea, particularly of the Kusmi variety.  I loves my tea!

I’m turning into one of those old people who have walls encrusted with art, photos and memorabilia.  As soon as I get this place looking the way I want, I’m going to dye my hair a shocking shade of red, start wearing vivid Russian shawls with wicked long fringe, and start saying things like “Oh the memories of summers at Livadia with the Tsar and his family are just too painful.  I prefer to remember Paris in the nineties; the exposition, the Eiffel Tower…  My dear, those were the days!”  Now if I can just find someone to read Goethe to me in German while I doze in the sun, I think I could be happy.  Okay, well that and a whole load of money.

Gallery wall, stage one

I think my motto needs to be:   What would the Princess Dragomiroff do?  (WWtPDD?)


4 thoughts on “The “getting there” stage.

  1. I love the way that your house is coming together although I will reserve judgment on the lemon yellow walls until I see a photo. Now, I want to see you as an ageless Russian aristocrat emigre complete with the red hair and the fund of entertaining stories.

    OH, and I like that you are getting back into being a writer. I’ve rediscovered my writing skills again but this time, I’m not trying for fiction but pouring out an endless (so far) stream of reviews of the art scene in SF with the occasional rant. Sometimes I think that I’m more a writer than a painter. In any case, it’s brought me a bit more money and a lot more contacts than my art work ever did. Interesting, c’est pas? Maybe I was not on the right road all those years?

    Anyway, here’s a virtual rose to add to the real ones on your table. Good on you for selling your writing and long may you thrive!


    1. Thanks, darlin’. The yellow is one of the tamer colors. I have a bright red kitchen, the living room is going to be a deep teal and the dining room a gorgeous purple. Actually the paint in the office is going to be a brighter yellow because it’s such a dark room, and as you well know, yellow reflects more light than any other color.

      I’ve sold five stories (Including a rewrite of Pomegranate Seeds) so far to Torquere Press, and have submitted something like three more to various presses. I’m pretty certain about one of them, but the other two, not so much. We shall see what happens. I’m working on a story about the world of Fairy reclaiming the earth from the humans who are destroying it. Deadline the 15th of next month. I know I can finish, but boy it’s really rough right now. The middle part is always rough.

      I’ve been enjoying your “Chez…” posts and I think your writing about art and what goes on around SF is really very good. Like me, you have both verbal and visual skills and are not always sure which you want to pursue. Writing is paying, which right now is enough. *g*

      Thanks for the virtual rose.


  2. That “world of Fairy” story sounds fascinating. Let me know when it’s up because it sounds like something I’d like to read (and be willing to pay for because it’s YOUUUUU).


    1. I hope it will be. It’s targeted for an anthology, so I have no idea when or even if it’ll be pubbed.

      I have a short story coming out on Saturday, too. It’s all terribly exciting.


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