Is it possible to be beaten up by the weather?

Because that’s what I feel like every time I go out these days.  It’s been hot and humid here (hovering in the low 90s the last couple of days) and I come home so drained and miserable, I don’t really get much done.  Yesterday it was a trip to Half-Price Books with seven large boxes of books — approximately a third of my library — which netted me a whole $100.  Today it was a trip to Ikea where I mistakenly bought two Expedit towers instead of two Lack towers, and guess what?  I don’t care.  Seriously, they’re going to get put together, put up and that’s that.  I’m not going back there and I’m not bothering with how they look.  The only potential problem was that the white one didn’t fit where it was supposed to go, but I asked Abe to swap it out with the Lack, and now all is well.  Or will be when he scores some more brackets to hold it to the wall.

I also got four nice dining chairs for our patio, to go with the iron table, and an umbrella with an enormously heavy stand.  We need it; there’s virtually no real shade on the patio now.  Francisco was here today and the half dead maple is gone, all the grass and the weeds.  He gave the one pine a savage haircut and took out a bunch more.   This is going to be days of work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

I came home to my first royalty check!  I sold a lot more stories than I expected I would, so I’m kind of juiced.  It’s impetus to keep on writing.  That and the fact that the next one is being published on Saturday.  Then I turned around and spent the whole thing on supplies to make a mosaic table for the patio.  I dunno, I think I have good priorities…

Been watching “Rome.”  I’ve seen the entire first season and the first four eps of the second.  I’m liking it a lot, but not enough to buy it, I think.  Deadwood is in the queue when I finish Rome.  Must catch up.


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