My house looks like God shook it. But there are sweet spots.

One of the bulbs from Madison

Seriously, it’s a total mess, though better than yesterday in many ways.  The window work is done on the sun porch and the shelves are back up, so I can start putting things away for a while, until I get ready to paint.

The flower is an iris.  Two years ago, Jim and Dawn went up to Madison WI and found a woman selling iris bulbs.  Dawn bought two because they were kind of expensive, and we planted them next to our then patio.  Last year we got a couple of blossoms, and were pleased, but this year, even after being yanked out of the ground by the patio guys, and dropped into pots, they’re blooming like someone put rocket fuel in the soil.  The other bulb has at least eight blossoms open right now (I watched them open over the course of the last 36 hours, literally seeing a huge difference in a matter of an hour or two.)  This one has fewer buds, but is vigorous and beautiful.  It’s one of the most extraordinary irises I’ve ever seen.  I hope we can get more to compliment it.  Apparently our soil is very good for irises.

Isn't it lovely?

I’m about thisclose to going to bed, but I need to bathe first so I may snag a book and see if I can’t get some reading done.  First thing tomorrow, I’m bagging up the garbage and schlepping it out to the bins.  If I feel ambitious maybe I’ll photograph the nectarines, grapes and our new bird feeder.



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