All I wanted was a piece of drywall...

So I’m overrun with workmen again, which sort of feels right.  When they’re not around I feel like there’s something missing.  They got the Dish receiver down, and the old bird-feeder, got rid of the composter and put up the new bird feeder.  Then Abe covered over the standpipe in the basement where I think Gigantor came from (that huge bug that gave me the wiggins on Sunday night) and tightened up the elliptical.  Now he’s patching the concrete on my front steps.

Abe fixing my steps.

I wanted Wil to cover a window on my sun porch with a piece of drywall, but he’s taken out the whole window, and frankly I was so tired when I got home today that I burst into tears over it.  I hadn’t planned on that much work being done and in addition to the extra expense, my kitchen looks like a hurricane hit it.  I’m not happy about this and I don’t know how the signals got crossed, but the window is gone and there’s nothing I can do about it now.  However it’s almost 3:30 and there’s nothing in its place so I have NO idea how I’m supposed to even cook much less if I’m going to have anything up over the window tonight except a sheet of plastic.  Shit.

Mosaic from Bistro Campagne

On the upside, I got some stuff done today.  Not everything I wanted but enough.  And the test results came back:  The blood was good, everything else completely normal.  I’d started out the day by getting a notice that I hadn’t met the requirements for my interest-bearing checking account this month so not only would I not be getting any interest but I’d be charged a fee.  Well I know I made the requisite payments this month but a glitch in their software seems to have screwed me up, so I called them up and yelled (nicely) and they’ve fixed my account.  I get the interest, there’s no fee, and they’re removing the old checking account from the bill pay list of accounts so this can’t happen again.  I guess the window wasn’t a big deal in the greater scheme of things but it was one expense I hadn’t planned on so I’m not too happy, especially considering that the other window is getting replaced with glass block instead of getting covered the way I’d originally intended.

Doreen Bell's "Wings of Peace" detail

On another note entirely, I went looking for a photo of the mosaic wall at Bistro Campagne.  It was the original inspiration for the idea of putting a mosaic on the garage wall.  I only managed to find one which I lifted from a reviewer on Yelp, and bless her for posting it.  (If you’re on Yelp go over and give her some props!)  However in the process I came across an amazing number of photos of beautiful mosaic work including “Wings of Peace” which dazzled me with its use of light and color.

Klimt-inspired backsplash by Lori Desormeaux

And an absolutely beautiful, Klimt-inspired backsplash by Lori Desormeaux which uses slices of agate to create the circular motifs.

I made a couple of rough sketches, trying to work out the general feel of the thing, but so far I’m not sure of much except that it’s going to frame a lovely Art Nouveau-style planter that’s currently pretty much hidden by a vining hydrangea.  I’ve got to prune back the vines and then come up with a design that compliments her.  Something Art Nouveauesqe I’m thinking.

I also got Wil to schlep the iron table Pam gave us out to the patio and measure it for a glass top.  Why buy a new table when we have a perfectly good one?  Last year, when they brought it over, we let it sit out in the rain and sun and got it rusted nicely, then coated it with polyurethane to stop the process, so now it has a beautiful patina.  Needs a bit of cleaning but I think it’ll look fantastic once everything is in place.

Dad's hands

Today is the five year anniversary of my father’s death.  I was going to bake his favorite cake but I can barely get into my kitchen, so there’ll be no baking today.  Maybe over the weekend.

The photo to the left is one of the last I ever took of him.  I loved his hands when he got older.  I miss him.


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