Vast improvements all around. Vast improvements abound!

A vast improvement

Vast Improvement the First:  The saga of M’sieu Raton ended yesterday when I fished him out of the composter by his little tail, and sent him to that great garbage dump in the sky, where he will feast on orange peels and rotting eggs for eternity.  Poor little fella.  If he does come back, I hope he does it as a creature not so universally scorned.

VI the Second:  The photo to the right is the base of a cheap stained glass lamp I bought last month.  I needed something that threw more light out so I could actually read in bed when I felt like it, so I ordered a clearance model from Home Decorators Outlet and when it arrived it was… disappointing.  The glass is so cheap it feels like plastic, and the base was a dull, ruddy brown.  I can’t do much about the glass, but I sat down with the base and some paint and did a light verdigris finish, highlighted with some Rub-n- Buff.  It still doesn’t look as nice as my other lamps but it’s a VI nonetheless.

VI the Third:  I finally finished schlepping my books into the library, and culling them pretty drastically.  I think I’ve taken about a third of them out of my collection, and it’s not bothering me in the least.   What is bothering me is the dust in the air.

VI the Fourth:  I finally managed to connect with Francisco last night, and we had a nice long discussion about how the garden should look.  He’ll be starting on Monday.  We’re taking out the dying maple and some pines, and adding a Japanese maple and some roses.  Maybe more azaleas.  He’ll be fertilizing and mulching, and doing a lot of pruning and general clean-up.  I told him that if he can get the place looking good, we could keep it up, and he could come by once a year to do a lot of general work.  It’s going to be spendy, but since I’m not buying a car this year, I’m good with that.   It’s going to be a lot of fun.


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