Aaaaand…. it’s Monday again!

Another busy weekend is over,  leaving me with a lot of catch-up, but no regrets because I had a terrific time.  We had Girls’ Night on Friday as usual.  Next week will be the last with Taylor for a long time,  I fear, as she and Christ are being relocated because of his job.  This makes none of us happy save in that he keeps his job.  In this economy there’s not a whole lot of choice.  We watched Iron Man 1 in preparation for seeing #2 this weekend, and we ordered Thai food because our favorite Thai restaurant — Manee Thai — is back!  It burned down two years ago and just reopened a week ago.  We’ve ordered from them twice already.  Oh man it was good, too, though both times it took us forever to get our food.

On Saturday we were invited to a neighbor’s first birthday party being held up at Barnaby’s in Niles, so Dawn and I rented an iGo car and did some errands.   We took two huge totes and five large trash bags full of stuff over to the Salvation Army store on Central, and as always it felt so damn good not only to be getting rid of things I’ll never use, but to be giving them to an organization that can use them to help others.  Then we ran to Target for cat litter and coffee (There’s a Starbuck’s in our Target, woo HOO!) and finally we headed out to the party which was amazing!  Nayah is only one, and her birthday party was bigger than any I ever had.  She’s a little sweetheart, too; a really good baby who never seems to fuss much.  I took some photos of her but the place was very dark and there was a lot of movement.  My little camera didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and everything was pretty blurry.  Everyone there was so nice.  We just love this family and feel so blessed to have them for neighbors.

T, C and Dawn at Sumo

On Sunday we went out to Randhurst to see Iron Man 2 with Taylor, Christ and Karen, and for anyone who wants to know, there were five unreserved thumbs-up for the film.  Honestly, none of us could figure out the criticism of the film which ranged from “dull” to “confusing.”  It was neither.  Downey was fantastic as usual, Sam Jackson rocked… as usual, and Scarlett Johanssen kicking ass and taking names?  That was truly awesome.  I really recommend it if you’re a fan of the genre.  If you’re not, maybe you won’t find it as much fun, and perhaps that’s what’s wrong with all the critics who are not as enthused about it as I am.

Afterward we took T&C to dinner at Sumo, our new favorite teppan yaki restaurant.  Their golden shrimp is spectacularly good and we all had golden shrimp and _______ (whatever) except for Christ who had golden (garlic) shrimp and golden (garlic) shrimp.  I may do that next time.  Yeah, it’s that good.

Because we’re all fans, the conversation revolved around things like Iron Man (of course)  Torchwood (I watched them all in the last two weeks and when I finished I decided it was time to just slit my wrists.) Dr. Who (Karen and her husband run Tardis and she was telling us about who they’re courting as guests for this year.)  lizard babies on V and a lot of other fannish talk.  Sometimes I miss getting together in a group of fans to just talk about what excites and intrigues us.  It certainly was an improvement over talking about the oil spill which we did earlier in the day, and which also made me want to slit my wrists.  (Dept. of Irony:  The chances are very good that this marks the end of any oil drilling in the Gulf, not because anyone will shut them down, but because the oil spill will block any of the super tankers that the industry needs.)  It’s probably the death knell for any commercial fishing in the Gulf, and possibly for the Gulf as a whole.  Drill, Baby, Drill just worked out so well, didn’t it?  /sarcasm.

I wish we could have spent more time with them.  If I’m feeling sad that they’re moving so far away, I can only imagine how Dawn feels knowing that she won’t be able to see her best friend whenever she wants.

And now, back to my regularly-scheduled life.


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