I feel restless today

Like I need to do something, but I don’t know what.  There’s a fic call that I’d all but decided to drop because it’s about 30k words by the end of April.  I know I can do it, but did I want to with so much else going on?  Last night I thought a lot about it, and decided to look over a piece I’d done for NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago, and see if it wouldn’t serve.  I don’t know if anything will come of it, but at least I can give it a shot.  Or I suppose I could get my tax stuff together.  It’d be nice to have it done before, oh, April 14th.

Watched an odd Japanese film called “Gohatto” or “Taboo” last night, and I’m not quite sure what to think of it beyond having enjoyed the sight of some cute men with swords.  I know I spent a lot of time muttering “these people are crazy.”  Still, an interesting look at a sub-section of society in another era.

Charles is bringing someone by this afternoon to look at the roof.  I don’t know… I’m going to guess that any roofer will at least say that it needs replacing because they could use the work right now, so how on earth can you be sure you’re getting an honest estimation of the roof’s condition.  Charles always looks out for me, of course, but even he seems to think that it needs replacing.  I think I’ll just let him do the negotiating.

Oh for heaven’s sake, there’s a man on a roof across the street.  I wonder if that’s an omen.

Another gorgeous day here.  I understand we’re going to be in the mid to upper sixties for the next two days and then plummet into the 30s and have snow.  Welcome to Chicago.  As if DST wasn’t enough of a problem right now.  I hate time change.  I mean I don’t like DST at all, but I wouldn’t hate it quite so much if it was the standard, y’know?  It’s the change that’s hard on me.  I have trouble sleeping, I can’t properly tell the time because everything looks different.  Yes, I’m one of those people with a fantastic internal clock, and I know by the way the shadows look, or the level and color of light what time it should be.  (You cannot imagine how bad my jet lag is.  It took me nearly a month to get used to the change when I went to Europe, at least to the point where I wasn’t constantly just falling asleep at odd moments because I was so constantly exhausted.)  When we do a time change, I get all confused, and lose track of time.  It takes me a good month to adjust to the point where I’m not always looking at a clock and saying “WHAT?” or “Wait a minute, how did it get to be so late?” or, worst of all “Oh shit, I’m late!”

Twice a year I say this:  I don’t care what you call the time and I don’t care how you measure it.  Just pick one and stick with it.  Don’t be changing back and forth, or changing when it happens.  Just one time, please.  And if I ever have a chance to meet Benjamin Franklin, I will tell him that I admire him tremendously, but that I’d like to give him a boot up the backside for thinking up Daylight Savings Time.  Jerk.

I changed all my Windows sounds to Buffy-verse clips, so now when the mail arrives Buffy says “Get down with your bad self.” and when I power down, Giles says “The earth is definitely doomed.”  It takes so little to amuse me.

Must work.


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