Jimless weekend

Jim went off to be with other friends *sob* (JK, he needs to go play with some other people occasionally, much as we miss him.) so Dawn and I had a quiet, at-home day. She cleaned so much she burned out the motor on her vacuum cleaner. I actually broke down a ton of boxes and got them ready for the garbage as well as cleaning bath and kitchen, and putting stacks of books back on the shelves. I’m bad about leaving them all over.

I also managed to outline a selkie story for a fic call, and I’m liking it so far. I’ve written a few paragraphs, but it’s late now and I’m tired. I’m going to bed without even getting my oatmeal ready for the morning.

We watched an Eddie Izzard concert tonight, and a program about swords and swordsmanship, which gave me at least three new ideas for stories, but I didn’t write them down so I may be SOL. Then we watched Judesie on SNL, and while some of it was fun, there was at least one skit that was so bad it made me cringe. Leftover potroast from last night was on the bill of fare, along with peas and noodles. I also stewed up some mushrooms and those I have to put away tonight, so I’m off to do that and then do a faceplant into my pillows.


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