I haz elliptical! I haz counters! I has laundry spinnin’!

No, srsly, I cannot recall the last time I could see this much counter space. I think it was when I first viewed the house.

So after a furious few days of cleaning and putting things away, I can see most of the counters in my kitchen.  I’ve also cleaned out the fridge, and the meyer lemons I had that were still good, I cut and preserved last night.  I’m trying them with some sugar in the mix this time.

Charles and Wil went to pick up the elliptical and TV that Taylor and Christ gave us, so now we have a really nice elliptical machine right next to the really nice treadmill, facing a really nice TV.  All I need to do now is get a DVD player and we can watch movies while we work out.

I’ve got a load of towels in, and the colored clothes ready to go once they stop spinning.  I think I’m going to do my duvet today as well, and maybe my sheets.  I’m kind of on a cleaning roll and I want to make the most of it.  It’d be terrific if I could get the bedroom looking nice again.

My favorite place at my favorite time of day in my favorite season.

I went out yesterday around dusk because I wanted to try an experiment.  Shelagh had posted a photo she took in which the cloud of vapor from her breath was roiling around the scene like an ethereal frame, and I thought it was so beautiful I decided to give it a try.  Well no joy here.  I suspect it wasn’t nearly cold enough.  But I did take a rather nice pic of the house with the lights on with the Mardi Gras flag a-wavin’ in the wind.  I do love this place.

I’m waiting for UPS to deliver my new rice/slow cooker.  I want to make something cool for supper.  Fortunately I had a final gift certificate from my Amazon rewards visa to spend (forgot I had it!) and so didn’t pay a whole lot for it, which is the best sort of deal to get.  Also, I found a Sherlock Holmes poster which is 27×40 and will be faboo in the front hallway, keeping Audrey company.  We finally found a frame for her.  I hope it doesn’t take us as long with the Holmes.

Looks like I’ll have four or five boxes of books to take with me next time I go to HPB.  I hope it’ll be enough to get the last four glasses in my wine glass set from Pier One.  I’ve got six champagne trumpets and two wine glasses.  I want four more of the wine and would love a set of the martini glasses, but I’d only buy them if I was swimming in dough.  Target actually has a line of stemware that compliments the Festive Stripe from Pier One.  It’s called Splendor and I have the set of cordial glasses.  They look great together.  What I’d really love to do is get a set of cut-to-clear, white wine glasses to round out the set of brightly colored glassware (I have a lot of beautiful old etched glasses, but they’re not quite as festive.)  Actually what I’d love is to find a set of mixed colors, but I think I’ll collect them myself, one at a time.

And that, oh my droogs, is the state of the house as of Thursday.


2 thoughts on “I haz elliptical! I haz counters! I has laundry spinnin’!

  1. Again, awe, again, good example. Tomorrow, my office. Yes, yes, clutter on the floor that has been spreading, out you will go. Out!
    And a tip of the hat to you for the inspiration.


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