Crazy Christmas Lady has left the building

So it’s Saturday and Dawn is off helping Taylor & Christ pack because their house is being listed on the 15th.  I would have liked to help more (I do have some stuff to do for them, but it’ll come later) but I can’t lift and carry things easily with my back so bad.  Anyway, she’s spending the weekend over there and that’s a good thing because she and  Taylor won’t be seeing a lot of each other after the move.  That’d be a hard thing for me, having my best friend move away.  And with four people over there working, it’s going to be tight enough; the last thing they need is one more body that’s not being really useful.  Apparently we’re getting a TV, a hedge-trimmer and an elliptical machine out of it, so that’s a good thing.  Except, none of it really makes up for not having T&C around.  And now I’m starting to feel melancholy…

So today I’m taking down my Christmas decorations.  The tree is down, and the rest are coming down bit-by-bit.  The chair is back where it should be and I’ve put an end table between it and the couch, so there’s a place for glasses.  I’ve vacuumed about six times in here, but every time I move something, I discover more dust and dirt.  I put “I, Claudius” on the DVD player, but it’s not really grabbing me today, possibly because I’m feeling rather jaundiced about politics lately.  I think what I need is some German expressionism or noir or a really great old comedy.  Something older than Claudius.

I also need to write.  I have about 1000 words to do today to keep to my schedule, but I do better at that later in the evening.  There’s a potato in the oven for a late lunch and I have a lot of tasks mapped out for the rest of the day.

It’s getting dark already.  Feels like I just got up.


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