Tempered glass can still cut you, and other observations.

I got rid of my old coffee table today.  It was actually a TV stand that I got when I bought my widescreen TV, and I’d been using it as a coffee table for a while now.  (Very handy with two shelves plus a tempered glass top so that eating off of it wouldn’t be too hideous a mess to clean up.)  But Dawn will complain that she can’t put her feet under it, and it really wasn’t an attractive option, so I started giving some thought to what I could do to improve the situation.

The problem was space.  I couldn’t really put a huge coffee table in here, I don’t have the room.  My chair and ottoman take up a chunk of space even with the back end of the chair shoved into the dining room.  I didn’t like it but there didn’t seem to be an option since I wasn’t going to get rid of my ottoman.  I like putting my feet up.  So I got to thinking that maybe I should look for one of those ottoman coffee tables that they use on HGTV all the time.  Alas, I couldn’t find any that I liked, that were a good size and reasonably priced since I’m not spending $500 on something my friends are going to put their feet on and spill their drinks on.

Finally, Overstock.com gave me my solution.  Instead of a single ottoman coffee table, I’d get four ottoman cubes and shove them together into a square!  So I ended up buying two of each of the ottomans below, and now I not only have a cool-looking coffee table, but one that can be moved around so Dawn can stretch her legs out, pulled in close to be used as work space, or serve as foot rests or extra seating.

Blue chenille ottoman Blue zig-zag ottoman

I like my new ottomans.  They look fantastic on the rust-colored rug.

However, the whole point of this explanation of ottomans was that I have this media stand which I no longer need.  So I thought, well why not take it down to the basement — which is where I’ve put the old ottoman, reuniting it with its original chair — and maybe end up using it if we put a TV or something down there.  It seemed like a good idea, that is until I went to take it down the front steps.  And then I realized that the two bottom shelves weren’t affixed to the table frame.  They slid free as I was going around the corner, and while I tried to catch hold of them, the stresses on the glass were apparently too much and one of them shattered in my hand.  And now I have a boo-boo.

No, it’s not a huge one, and I washed it and put a boo-boo strip on it (one that says “Dude!” and “Awesome.”  S’rsly, I have some v. cool bandaids.)  But I ended up having to sweep about a million bits of broken glass into a bucket, and as they were all over the stairs, I pretty much had to do it on my hands and knees.  On the upside, I’d been wanting to have some shards of tempered glass to use in mosaic work, so now I have a bucket full of them.  And the weird thing is that tempered glass keeps on crackling after its broken.  I’m not kidding, it sounds like I’ve got a bucket of Rice Krispies sitting down there in the basement.

So yeah, tempered glass will bite you if you give it a chance.  Don’t.

Also on the home front, there are squirrels living under the roof tiles on the porch next door.  Just a bit ago, as they were getting ready for bed, one of them came out and licked up the newly fallen snow on the tiles.  Just a little drink before bed, I guess.  I think he’s the little booger who leaves neat piles of poo on our porch.

Working like mad on the as yet unnamed Victorian novel.  Word count meter is on the side of this blog.  I’m having my own private NaNoWriMo.  Go me!


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