The Bettini Glass

As promised, here it is:

The Bettini Glass

The Bettini Glass

I’m liking it a lot.


More of the yum

Friday night I made curry for the girls (as it happened it was only me and Glinda, and the threat of being snowed in) and I tried something different. I sauteed the chicken in coconut oil instead of butter before I added it to the curry. I have to say that the scent of that sautee was so heavenly that I found myself sniffing the air for an hour after I finished it. The flavor was excellent, too, and as coconut oil is said to rev your metabolism, it’s kind of a win-win situation.

Also of the yum was the galette I bought on Sunday. It turned out to be an almond one. I hadn’t asked because my French is pretty bad, though later I easily remembered “quelle espece de galette?” which is just above an accented grunt, but not by much. The galette is so meltingly good I had to resist the urge to roll in it. I wish I knew who’d baked it; I’d camp out on their door step and force money at them on a daily basis. The baguette was also delicious, and if I ever see that nun again I’m going to buy one of each thing from her because they are clearly all baked with grace.

Caddy threw up all over my pillows this morning, and I got busy and didn’t put the laundry into the dryer until almost ten tonight, so my mattress pad remains downstairs for the night, which is okay for a night. I’m just glad I didn’t have to wash the duvet again.

I did a lot of sketching today, and made the Bettini Glass. I’ll photograph it tomorrow. I wish I had photos of the other two martini glasses I’d made for Betty. Alas, they now sleep with the fishes. The first was painted, and the second was etched. I had thought of creating a vine out of PMC and affixing it to a glass, but as I’ve never worked with that medium it seemed more daunting than reasonable. So this incarnation of the Bettini Glass is studded with Swarovski crystal cabs and the stem is wrapped with silver wire (non-tarnishing) that has Swarovski bicones strung along its coils. The glass itself is clear but the stem and foot are cobalt blue so the effect is rather intense. I used a jewelry cement on the cabs and I think it should hold even when wet. If not, then it’s back to the proverbial drawing board for another design.

Actually after the etched one broke, I took a paper cup, printed “Betty’s Booze” on it with magic marker and sent it to her. Apparently she keeps in in a place of honor in the bar. I love stuff like this.

Wherein life imitates life

I was just sitting here watching the birds feed on the stuff Glinda and I put out for them. It’s been kind of a hard winter, and I like to make sure they’ve got food and water, so there’s a heated bird bath in the back, too. I often find all sorts of prints in the snow around it.

I was thinking that I’d be hard-pressed to explain adequately the pleasure it gives me to know that even a few of them will be better off for our intervention. It’s as good, IMO, as doing for charity, which has become one of my favorite things. I have said, and will continue to say that generosity has been overlooked in the category of sins. Nothing could feel so good and not be sinful.

Of course in the midst of all this rhapsodizing, I saw something moving just under my windows, something BIG, and I jumped about ten feet off my chair. It turned out to be the meter reader. Sort of brings you back down to earth with a thud.

Anyway, here’s a photo of the lovely and talented Hilda wearing one of my adult-size chemo caps:

Adult size chemo/injury caps

With Joshua Malina in the background because I’ve been mainlining “The West Wing” for the last few weeks. I just started Season 6, and I am loving every minute of it.

Finally, Hilda again, wearing a hat and scarf combo I made for a dear friend’s birthday. I hope she likes it.

Birthday gift for Patsy