Knitting for the world

I just photographed all the caps I’ve made so far, plus a baby blanket. Kind of impressive if I say so myself.


Baby Blanket



More hats

That little yellow thing in the last photo is the preemie hat. It’s so little! They’re supposed to fit an orange. And on Ravelry I volunteered to make hats for troops with brain injuries who are convalescing at Walter Reed. This is just so much fun.


It’s been a while

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by life lately. The holidays took a lot of my steam, but they were a lot of fun; much more so than they have been for several years now, and that’s a good sign. On the downside, my new laptop had to get sent back to the shop for some work on the LCD, but she’s home now and just as shiny as ever.

I also put a lot of time and emotional energy into the election. I pretty much figure that if you don’t know why, you won’t read what I have to say about it anyway, so let’s just take it as read that it’s true and move along.

Dawn and I talked a lot about wanting to do something to give back to our community (in the larger sense, not just this neighborhood) and because I had taught her how to knit recently, we decided that knitting and crocheting for charity was the best thing we coult think of. I could throw cash at a charity and that would be fine and dandy, but if I took the same amount of money and put it towards raw materials, then added my own time and effort, the gift would be more than doubled. It makes good sense, and satisfies my desire for volunteerism. (Though I would still like to work for adult literacy. I think becoming a proficient reader and writer is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Now that I’m typing this I’m betting there’ll be just a raft of typos in this post.) It reminds me a little of being involved in Kiva where your donations are micro loans and can be used over and over. It requires some effort on everyone’s part, and the payoff is remarkable. If you don’t know about Kiva, I urge you to go to the site and read about what they do and why. I think you’ll find it inspiring. I began by putting $100 in, and have loaned it to eleven people so far. I just donated some cash to the organization to help with their operating costs, and put another $25 in, so a twelfth person will get help with his or her business from me. It’s kind of exciting.

Anyway, I’ve been crocheting chemo caps. It’s a challenge to find yarn which is both soft enough, and which works up into something that doesn’t look just like baby clothes. The idea is to give women and children something to wear that makes them feel better about how they look. No, I’m not forgetting men, but men without hair are never considered odd or out of place. No one looks at them and immediately thinks “cancer!” Unfortunately a lot of the really fun yarn in my stash is too rough to use in these hats.

We also want to do hats, scarves, gloves, etc. for the homeless, and blankets for kids in hospitals. I’d also like to do some amigurumi figures for homeless and hospitalized kids. It’s a good ongoing project which we can continue no matter what else we might want to tackle. We’re also tossing around the idea of starting our own Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. We’ll see.

Anyway, I hope I’m back now, and prepared to blog on a regular basis. Wish me luck.