It’s Cheating a Bit

But I’m including my old bits of the Gekko material as I go through them. I will use much of what’s here, so I figure it’s fair to add them to my word count. Which:

25056 / 50000 words. 50% done!

The approximately 8000 words I just added are all history, and is already undergoing major rewrites to help me with my background work. The story, “Basilisk” is just NOT coming out the way I need it to, and though I’ll continue to work on it, it’s going to have to be massively re-written after the month is over.

Doctor’s office phoned to let me know that my A1c is up from 6.something to 7.5. That’s not good, but it’s also not a huge surprise considering how lax I’ve been in the last few months, and how much weight I regained after quitting the Effexor. Cholesterol not great, though the HDL is good. BP is slightly elevated by by any standard, though more under theirs (of course) than by the old standard I used to know.

What I do know already is that I’ll take the lisinopril for the BP, the new Happy Pill, and of course the Metformin for the diabetes. But no way no how on insulin or statins. Not gonna happen.

I have discovered that a short walk when I’m blocked really does help a bit. I sort of figure that if I do it every day, I’ll be much better by the time I see her again in December. Now to do it every day.

Life just sucks as you get older.


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