Keeping up with the Wrimos

I can’t seem to get the NaNo site to come up (when does the gridlock stop over there?) so consider this the official word: I’m ending the day at 3758, about 500 words past where I need to be at this time.

Since this year’s novel is a collection of connected short stories about the mythical country of Fata Morgana and its neighbors, my writing units are more clear cut than chapters might be, and so a bit easier to cope with. And I have more titles than I think I can reasonably use, but that might change. The current story is entitled “Anna Magdalena’s Song” but that’s all I’m saying about it. (Those of you who remember minute details about Gekko might recall a postage stamp with the image of one A. M. Gnocci.)

Bottom line: I’m having a heckuva good time this year. I’d forgotten what fun writing can be.



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