Homemade Democracy

This morning Glinda decided that she was going to make a sign that said “VOTE” because, like me, she feels that an involved electorate is essential to the health of a democracy. For too long now, our electorate hasn’t really been involved. You’d get the lock-step Republicans out voting in all weather, and the demoralized Dems just staying home because they felt there was no possibility of changing anything. And of course that just made it more certain that nothing would change.

This year we both decided, independently of one another, pretty much, to be the change we wanted to see. We want an involved electorate and an informed one. We talk, we donate, we read, we listen, we check facts, we argue, we exhort people to get out and vote no matter who they’re going to vote for. Because the truth is that if a candidate is elected by a majority of the people in this country, then we’ll both be satisfied that the will of the people is being done. Sure we’d be disappointed if Obama lost, but if McCain wins by a vote of 75% or 80% of the American people or — could it happen? — more than that, then the people have spoken and we’re both down with that. Even if the vote is a squeaker, and one man wins by a very, very small margin, it’s still the process that is important.

So I hung out the flag, and Glinda made her sign and hung it in her window. Just now we were outside admiring the effect and I said “Democracy shouldn’t be slick and commercial. It should be homemade.” I believe that. Democracy shouldn’t be dictated by corporations or lobbyists, or insiders. It should be you and me telling these men, whose salaries WE pay, what we want done in this country.

Go make a homemade sign, go call your friends and your grandparents and tell them they have GOT to vote this year. Go fly your flag not because of some crazy notion of it being unpatriotic to not do it, but because you are proud of what it represents. Because you want to. That’s America.


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