Another weekend at the villa

Or weekend. It’s been hot here, or at least what I consider hot, which is anything over about 75 degrees. Friday, the girls came in for movie night, and Renka joined us. Before she arrived we watched Countdown and were pleased to see that the smear campaign is backfiring on McCain and Palin, though I have to say that the crazies they’ve been stoking make me very nervous. When people are shouting “KILL HIM!” at rallies, we have problems in this country that we need to address right away. Also pleased that the Troopergate investigation was made public as it should have been. When a public official violates the public trust, the public should know the details. Again, I say that if the guy was as bad as they’ve said he was, tasering his kids and stuff like that, then he deserves worse than firing, and why he wasn’t jailed for those alleged abuses is beyond me. However, it’s not the place of an elected official to make use of his or her office to continue a personal vendetta. If no charges are filed, then you’ve gotta leave the guy alone.

Renka arrived, then supper from Leona’s. We opened a bottle of Charles Ellner champagne and toasted the memory of Paul Newman while we watched “The Sting.” It was an early night because Glinda was going in to work on Saturday morning, and Renka had to open the store while Gene was at a show in Indiana.

Jim came by late Saturday afternoon with a load of shish kebab meat, but we ran some errands before supper, going over to World Market, and Sam’s where we didn’t manage to find any more Colombelle. I did pick up four bottles of wine that looked interesting. Glinda bought some hard cider and a four pack of pumpkin ale. Oh yes, it’s autumn, in spite of the heat. We made supper, opened the red Zin I’d bought — Kaboom, it was called. Big flavor — and watched Casablanca. Another early night because Jim has to work on Sundays, so I took a hot bath and finished “The Tsar’s Dwarf.”

Sunday, I faced the fact that my laptop is really most sincerely dead, and fired off an email to my insurance guy asking if I’m covered for soup-related damages. There’s really not much on the hard drive that I’m going to miss. Just stuff that will be a pain to reconstruct. The only thing that I didn’t have backed up and should have was my notes on the Changelings universe. I’m going to have to see if anyone can get the data off the HD for me.

I invited Glinda down for a supper of braised pork chops, rice and chard. The rice wasn’t very good and as this is the third of the mixes I got from the same company that wasn’t very appealing, I’m thinking of declaring them a real bust, and giving away the rest. I braised the chops in a mix of hard cider and canned pumpkin, and they were pretty good. We watched the special edition of “Help” while we ate. Such a silly, wonderful film. Oh, the sixties. Though I must say the sixties can’t have been the only excuse for the awfulness of the early biopics Ken Russell did for the BBC. I’d seen the Isadora Duncan, Delius and Rossetti films and enjoyed them, but yesterday afternoon I sat down and watched the Elgar, Debussy and Rousseau films. Elgar was okay but pretty dull, ditto Rousseau. But the Debussy was awful! It exhibited every excess that made Russell often unwatchable.

I was supposed to go to the doctor today for bloodwork, a checkup, a flu shot and maybe something to tame these allergies, but when I realized that it was supposed to get to 80 again today I phoned and cancelled. I’ll go when it’s cooler and I feel better. Instead I’m going to do some housework and read. I started “The Ghost in Love” yesterday and am really enjoying it. Carroll’s writing reminds me a bit of Neil Gaiman’s.


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