Our hawk

This is the only photo I could get of what I believe to be a red-tail hawk that visited our garden last weekend.

Red Tail hawk


A step in the right direction

It’s been an interesting month. I spent a week or so cataloging my media. I finished the DVDs and CDs, and have gotten through about half the books. But my allergies and arthritis have made me miserable, and I succumbed to a bout of despair this week that just overwhelmed all my better intentions. Caddy’s discovered that he likes chewing my bedroom curtains which drives me nuts, usually at some ungodly hour of the morning. I wouldn’t normally mind except I don’t know what’s in the dye they use, and the crunching wakes me up. Maybe I should get him a roll of tulle which is his favorite non-edible snack.

Anyway, yes, I’ve opened up a store on Qoop to sell my digital prints. I originally had a bunch on Etsy, but I’d prefer to leave that store for 3-dimensional product. And if I don’t get that store open soon, too I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Ditto the biz formerly known as “Those Two Nice Girls Next Door” which has been rechristened “Villa Allegra.”

Wild happenings in the garden: It was about five-thirty or so on Sunday and I was just about to go outside to plant a couple of irises that Glinda had bought yesterday at the Madison farmers market*, and cut some basil to make fresh pesto. I’d opened my back door and was about to step out when my phone rang, so I came back in and answered, and sat down at the table on the sunporch to talk to Glinda. I heard the fluttering of wings and some birdie fussing, and I knew it was bigger than the sparrows that have been hanging around all day, but I assumed it would be one of our ginormous pigeons. And then suddenly a big hawk — stood over a foot tall by my estimation — flew down our gangway and landed on the fence betwen our yard and John’s and just sat there looking around.

I just hissed at Glinda “Go look out your back window RIGHT NOW! Look on the fence” and I knew when she said “Oh. My. God.” that she saw him, too. We just watched him for several minutes, drinking in his beauty. She tried to get a photo with her phone, and I went to get my camera and he jumped into John’s yard and started rooting around for rodents so I could no longer see him. I did get one photo of him through the screen and John’s fence, but it wasn’t very good and so I snuck out the back door very quietly and saw him under John’s lilac bush. Unfortunately he saw me and flew off just as I was about to catch a photo. So I think the second pic may be just empty space. *g* He took off and seemed to be heading towards Carlos’ roof. Based on the photos I’ve been looking at on the web, I’m thinking it was a red-tail.

We have a lot of birds and squirrels around here (I hope he doesn’t bother them, but I won’t interfere if I see him taking any.) I’d rather he thinned the pigeons. I’d originally hoped he would get some of the mice or even the rats, but now I think about it I worry that they might be carrying poison. We also have bunnies in the neighborhood. I’d feel badly thinking of him eating a baby bun, but it happens. That’s life. If I want him to survive, and I do, I have to accept what he is. Like my mother, I tend to be awfully soft-hearted and I like cute little mammals.

We did finally manage to come down, and get the irises planted after pulling out about a bushel of what might be chamomile. We’d put the composter together earlier so we had a lot of green material to toss in. John was barbequeing and asked if we were hungry, but we’d already started working on supper so we asked for a raincheck. Glinda remarked that our neighbors keep trying to feed us. Either they think we can’t possibly be feeding ourselves properly or they’re very nice people. We’ve both pretty much agreed it’s the latter.

I cut about a bushel of fresh basil, leaving what looks like a full acre still out there (basil is really easy to grow!) brought it in and stripped the leaves from the stems, washed it and threw together a pesto in the Vita-mix. We got about two cups of pesto out of the recipe. It’s good and really garlicky (I tend to overdo the garlic a bit when I cook. We made a pizza, smeared it with pesto and sprinkled it with Tiger Sauce which I’ve been out of for too long. It was excellent.

While we ate, Glinda showed me the first three episodes of “Pushing Daisies” and I loved it! What a sweet, weird show. Of course it took me two-and-a-half eps to figure out that Ned was the brother in “Wonderfalls.” That’s a big “Duh!” Anyway, now I have to see the rest of the first season as well as the last season of “Black Books” which she’s also hooked me on. I totally want to be Bernard Black when I grow up.

*I was supposed to go along but my joints hurt so much yesterday morning, that I couldn’t face six hours in the car. She brought back honeycrisp apples, a loaf of rustic bread, tomatoes, a big bunch of French breakfast radishes and some swiss chard for me. So this morning, I fixed us omlettes, and we each had a radish sandwich on the side. We talked about the future of the garden, and what we we had to do that day, which ended up being a lot harder than either of us had planned. Our composter, ecologically sound though it is being made of recycled plastic, was miserable to put together.

Mosaic Tuesday

It’s been a quiet week. The weather has changed rather alarmingly, though I really prefer the cool to the hot. We’ve had a lot of rain, too, but today is beautifully sunny, so I decided to snap a few pics of the almost finished mosaics. There are about nine new photos up on my Flickr photostream but here are a couple I really love:

I really used too much thinset in some places:
Window with mosaic

This is the nightstand, pre-grouting:
Nightstand top

My boy loves the sun, too. Caddy amidst the mosaic materials and tools:
My boy loves the sun

Time to do another load of laundry.