And as for today…

I can’t sleep. I’ve been up watching the umpty-gazillionth broadcast of “Showgirls” on E!, and if there’s a more awesomely awful film in existence I have yet to encounter it. It’s one of those movies where you simply can’t look away. And the censorship of language and nudity by the network just boosts the delicious cheese factor exponentially.

But all good things come to an end, so I came out to the kitchen and heated up a little leftover mac and cheese, and sat down to play on the internets for a while. As it turned out the one-day sale had kicked in already so I got my shopping done before sunrise. Now that’s a kick. How much do I love the internets?

It’s cooled off here quite a bit, so it’s not unpleasant to work around the house now. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be as nice so I can work in the office and get stuff sorted and put away. One day this week I want to get to Home Despot, and pick up a bunch of things I’m needing to start work on the following:

  • Shrine in front hall. I mentioned this months ago, but we haven’t done much about it. It’s the old mailbox. Mike took the old box out and now we have this big, square hole in the wall of the hallway, framed by a very nice piece of wood. We’re going to mosaic the interior of the hole, and then copper leaf the framing wood. Because of the shape of the frame it’s going to have a kind of iconic look to it. But I need fiberglass tape, and drywall mud, and then some thinset, I think, because it’ll set the tiles better than Well-Bond. And I have to find the copper leaf, or buy some more. I pretty much know where the size is.
  • Bathroom Vanity — To be painted white as are the walls. All in preparation for more tiling including a two-layer effect in the bath. Also must find stencils for low relief work on door.
  • Office Desk — Wood is old and funky. Must be black.

Dawn and I were watching House Hunters International tonight and we saw a door we both thought was gorgeous. It was stained two different colors, a dark stain on the raised parts and a reddish one on the low areas. Then it was heavily varnished. We’re thinking about trying that on the basement door. If it looks awful we have about 25 extra doors in the garage; surely one of them will fit. We’ve also discussed the painting in the halls. I’m going to pay someone to do the back for us because there is no way in hell we’re getting up on a ladder to do the high spots. And also to do the upper areas of the front hall. But on the bottom we’re fine, and we want to preserve the delicious raspberry puree color there now. I’d like to spiff it up a bit, though and do stripes, but they’d be in the same color, only a different sheen. It’s a subtle, beautiful effect. And we really aren’t going to do a thing until we decide on a color for the top. Nothing has quite grabbed us yet. The two-tone stripes are going to be a feature of either my bedroom or the dining room, too. Who knows, maybe both.


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