Not dead yet

Just ferociously busy. And the darnedest thing is that I can’t really tell you what I’ve been doing even though I know I’ve accomplished a lot. I made lists so I’d be sure to get a few things done in spite of the heat and humidity which always plays merry hell with me.

We barbecued on the 4th and then went to ribfest on the 5th. I think I’d have enjoyed the latter more if it’d been cooler. Our pre-fest trip to World Market was just fine even though I ended up passing up about $200 worth of stuff I really wanted. However, there were other things we needed for the house like a shop vac and compost supplies.

I’ve been alternating between lying around moaning about the heat and cleaning. I said to Glinda that I wouldn’t feel wholly at home here until all the dirt I saw was my dirt, which may sound funny to some of you, but I know others will get what I mean. When it’s not your dirt, and you have to clean it up, you not only put it off interminably but you arm yourself with rubber gloves, a hazmat suit and gallons of disinfectant. Alien dirt may harbor monsters. You never know.

Been watching life go on outside, too. Here are a few new pics:

My little chickadee
My Little Chickadee

No, Bob, it really is shadier on this side.
“Hey Bob, it’s way shadier over here!”

Gossip hour at the birdbath
Gossip hour at the birdbath.

We’ve had to stop filling the fly-through feeder because we were getting dozens of pigeons coming around, eating all the food. The smaller birds were at a great disadvantage. So now we fill the cage feeder and the pigeons aren’t coming around much anymore. Though two of them were carrying on like mad out here earlier. It was either a fight or a courtship, and I’m guessing the latter since they didn’t seem upset so much as… fussed, you know? With feathers puffed up every whichway, and a feverish expression. Honestly, I love birds. They’re funny as all get out and they bring out my protective instincts.

One of my tasks for today was to process the groceries I’ve bought this week. I’ve marinated the pork tenderloin and made up four little meatloaves, packaged up the bagels in separate baggies so I can take one out of the freezer when I want, and next I’m going to wash and bag up blackberries, and wash, pit and bag up some cherries. They’ll all be frozen for later in the year when we’re longing for fruit. And anyway I bought an ice cream maker today. Glinda made a lime-coconut granita on Friday and it was excellent, but hellish to serve. I couldn’t help but wonder if turning it into a sorbet might not be a better idea. And then I started getting all these sorbet and ice cream ideas so I thought “Why the heck not?” Those berries and cherries will come in handy for making ice cream.

I just wish I had the recipe for the Zanzibar chocolate from The Chocolate Shoppe. I had a cone last night when I was out with Karen and Gene, and I was knocked out all over again by how amazingly good it was.

I think I’ll watch a movie while I pit the cherries.