My, what an interesting day

So, my doorbell rings a bit before eight this morning, and this is pretty much what I see outside:

interesting day 62508 001

Now, we called the water department about two months ago because we needed to find the buffalo box so we could shut off the water to the basement. The response? *crickets* until the other day when a truckload of guys showed up and started painting urboglyphs on the street outside my house. And this morning, they started digging. Please note that the one with the most ginormous muscles is operating the backhoe.

The other day, when we planted our rose tree, Glinda — who did most of the digging — commented that it simply reinforced her belief that she should never murder anyone if she was going to have to bury the body since she would probably be arrested before she’d manage even a shallow grave. Well let me tell you, the answer to this is a backhoe. There is now a hole down to China in front of my house. Apparently all or part of this thing called a buffalo box was missing, and now it’s being replaced. Cool. A bit late, but cool.

Also in the news: I got a large scum-buster yesterday and this morning I tried it out on my kitchen floor. It works pretty well, IMO, but did uncover an unexpected problem. It seems that my grout is not black.

interesting day 62508 002

So now I expect I’m going to have to scrub out the grout lines. *sigh* This afternoon I’m going to wash down the bathroom. Should be interesting.

Below, photos of the most recent pieces of furniture I’ve gotten:

interesting day 62508 004

The kitchen island cart which was the single most complex thing I’ve ever assembled, and which was missing a couple of parts. Oh, and the ones that were complete didn’t fit together really well. I hate cam bolts with the heat of ten thousand firey suns. The cart does, however, hold my baking things with ease, and I like the beverage station on the top. Your one stop top for all your caffeinated needs.

interesting day 62508 003

Side table on sun porch. Went together like a dream until I got to the last door which was missing a hinge. I found the hinge in the packaging, but no pin. It also had a couple of significant dings and once again didn’t fit together real well. Have I mentioned how I hate cam bolts?

My floor is covered with styrofoam schmutz.

On Sunday, Glinda and I worked outside for a few hours. There was an electrical mishap. We no longer have a fountain. This led to a lot of brainstorming about what the garden should look like, and we both decided we’d prefer to have a wall fountain. We also decided that in spite of loving wisteria, our vines aren’t really doing much except threatening the electrical lines. They don’t bloom except at the top where they’re on a horizontal plane. So I think we’re going to replace it next year with an apple tree. I found a semi-dwarf honeycrisp, and since there’s an apple tree in the next yard I don’t think we’ll need to plant another for polination!

Once we clear out the things we no longer like we’ll plant a more cottagey garden. We both love banks of flowers. This will open up a larger expanse of lawn for us to use for parties.

It’s ten. All the noise has stopped. Maybe I’ll just go take a nap.


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