Where to start?

Not so much with this post, but in general. There are dozens of things that need doing, and instead of actually doing any of them, I’m making coffee and blog posts.

Let’s see, since my last post, I’ve had rats in the house and apparently out again since the one I saw has quite disappeared. I’m advised that there are several in the garage which gives me the wiggins as well as worries me since there’s SO much stuff out there that I need to go through. All I can say is that they’d best not be chowing down on old family photos. The rest? Well, it ain’t nothin’ but a thang as my friend, Paulle, would say.

The basement is very nearly ready to start moving into, and I have to say it looks gorgeous. A bit more work and I’d have a rentable apartment down there. Certainly it’s something to bear in mind, but right now I want the studio space. The walls are white and all the trim is cobalt blue. The bathroom is blue and white, and the shower stall is just so wonderful I want to go down there and sit. Progress slowed this week, though, since Abe and his wife welcomed a new baby into the family, and Charles is taking a much-deserved and much-needed short vacation. The garden is getting prettier, though my fuchsia isn’t doing well. I have no luck with them.

This has been swag week with new coffee, new furniture (via Overstock.com — really nice stuff, very cheap, and honest-to-god, the shipping really is that cheap unless you join club O, and then it’s free!) some much-needed storage containers which are even now going through a cycle in the dish washer, and one of those hook-and-go carts for shopping. You hang your bags from the hooks which lets you arrange things so nothing gets smushed. It’s perfect for the net bags I’ve been using for shopping lately, and when not in use, folds up tight into almost no space at all. It’s a Bubbie Cart for the 21st Century.

Alas, all I want to do this afternoon is sleep, and I can’t. I have too much to do, and have to meet friends downtown this evening to see Eddie Izzard. I love Eddie to pieces but Must. Have. Sleep.


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