Desperately in need of a bath

I spent about four hours outside today, planting, watering and rearranging things and I am beyond grimy. Oh, and I took a lot of photos, too. Over the last few days I’ve posted a lot of photos to my Flickr photostream, most from last month. If anyone is interested, there are a ton of them. But today I want to post the pics I took this afternoon because they’re pretty wonderful, I think.

First off, those of you who remember what the basement used to look like (those pics are over on Flickr, too), check this out. Barely even looks like a basement anymore, does it? And here’s the bathroom being tiled. I

adore the trimwork here. I keep telling Charles I’m not going to want to shower upstairs after this is finished.

The work down here is winding down, which is nice because I’m sick to death of the dust that renovation raises. But I think I will miss having the guys around. I’ve gotten so used to it.

So yesterday Charles and I did some errands and then we went to Gethsemane Gardens — that always strikes me as being an unfortunate name for a garden center, but whatever — and picked out some really nice plants to round off the garden for this year.

More anon…


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