State of the house

Jenna quite rightly pointed out to me that I hadn’t been updating here. I’ve made a series of short posts over on Live Journal, but had planned to hold off here until I had photos to post. Alas, while I have a flash card full of photos, getting them posted is proving to be beyond me just now. I still don’t have my desktop set up, and my laptop doesn’t have a compact flash slot. So, gentle readers, you’ll have to make do with a short narrative about the joys and woes of a new home.

Renovation is going very well if you don’t count the money hemorrhage I’m undergoing. Still, the result is excellent so I suppose that as long as I can pay my bills I’m doing very well. The unpacking? Not so much. I hit a wall a couple of weeks ago and have been spending much of my free time reading instead of unpacking. This is not a bad thing at all, obviously, but particularly because I haven’t read much in the last years. Depression and the eye issues that come with uncontrolled diabetes took their toll on one of my obsessions long ago, and I had honestly despaired of ever again being the voracious reader I once was. But suddenly I find myself curled up in my big chair lost in books, and I’m thrilled. I don’t even begrudge the time not spent unpacking. That’ll happen. I’m going to read while I feel like it.

Caddy’s settled in very well. Every morning he goes out to the front windows to watch the birds. As soon as the big windows are installed in back I imagine he’ll be back there yelling at the chickadees and doves as they raid the feeders. Birds are voracious. Dawn and I filled the feeders on Sunday and they’re more than half empty already. We’ve attracted some cardinals as well, so I have high hopes of seeing other birds in the garden. I’ve also got strawberries, herbs and asparagus sets to plant out on Saturday or Sunday, and we should be getting a hanging tomato planter soon. Alas, two of our rose bushes have died during the period when there was no care given to the garden, and a third looks like it’s getting ready to call it quits. Even dead, though, they’re damn dangerous. My hands are covered in tiny pinprick cuts from pruning out the deadwood, and one of the branches actually attacked me! It leaped out, grabbed my leg and tripped me. I took a faceplant into the juniper in the next bed and lay on the ground laughing until Dawn helped me up. Everything hurts, but it’s still sort of funny.

I’ve got sample colors coming from Benny Moore, which has set up a website where you can match any color from any manufacturer, and get a pint-size sample for a very reasonable price. So far the plan is: Living room: Teal with silver-grey ceiling. Dining room: Violet with silver-grey ceiling. Kitchen and sun porch: Pale cream with red and black accents. Bedroom: Same blue as my old bedroom on the walls, darker blue with sparkly stuff on the ceiling, and a pale lavender in the closet. Studio: Sunny yellow. Bath: I have NO idea. Seriously. I’m totally stymied because of the tile in there. It sucks. As does the vanity and med cabinet. I had a much simpler time picking out the tile for the basement bathroom than I am having even deciding on what color washcloths I want.

And to top it all off I either have a cold or really savage allergies. Since I haven’t had a sore throat (my cold alert system) I’m inclined to think the latter, but I feel pretty drained as well as congested and sneezy, and have lost my ability to deal with low temps, all of which kind of points to a cold. Personally, I’d prefer it was that. Not only will it end eventually, but it gives me more of an excuse for not getting anything done. Except that I have a ton of laundry to do, and today I really, really need to scrub the cat box, and strap on my new kneepads so I can also scrub the floors.

Considering how much grime gets raised here every day, I suppose cleaning the floors is a fool’s errand, huh? That’s the worst part of renovation. The dirt is just everywhere. I dust and a day later can write my name on my furniture. *sigh*

Okay, I”m going to go make some coffee and read a book.


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