This morning Charles called from Louisiana to tell me that the guys would be sealing the floors on Monday and so no one could walk on them. I said “This is a big problem.” AT&T and DISH were supposed to come out and do the installations on Monday. So, instead of getting my shower I had to spend half an hour on the phone with a rep getting the appointment changed. The upshot: We’ll have phone service on the existing lines, but the second line, internet and satellite service has to wait until the 31st. Oh dear, oh dear, what shall we do w/o the internets?

Go to American Science and Surplus, that’s what. Next weekend is their big sale, and as long as Jim is coming in on Saturday anyway, we figured we’d all go on up and fit out the house with weird stuff. I saw some slot board for $7.50 each and green chalkboard for $7.95. Both are things we wanted for the house. We can also get an outdoor thermometer, and huge bags of flat-backed marbles for $4.95 a bag! I’m not even going to tell you what that stuff sells for at other places.

How do I know all this? Well this morning, as I was desperately gulping down a bowl of cereal so I could take my pills, Barbara showed up to help pack and to see the villa. She and I made a huge dent in the stuff in the studio, so now most of what I have to pack in there will be my fabric. Then we went to lunch at Panera and I had some excellent tomato soup, and an amazing veggie sandwich, half of which I brought home with me because it was so damn big.

I took her to the villa and we dropped off my coffee maker, then I showed her around. She really loved the place even though I couldn’t show her my living room or dining room properly because David’s crew was there staining the floor. It’s going to be gorgeous. And Avery had gotten a bunch of the light fixtures up, so I was a happy camper.

Once we finished there, we went up AmSciPlus where I found a wooden shoe mold painted blue. That’s a mold for shoes, made out of wood, not a mold for wooden shoes. It was the only one they had and it was $1.25! It is so completely cool that I’m still humming with happiness over it. Also got some old apothecary bottles with stoppers, a pair of large brown “moonshine” bottles and corks to fit. A French salad dressing bottle with recipes on the side, some shrink plastic, a plastic needlepoint canvas which will probably work well for felting, some freezer labels, and three very large blending stumps for thirty-five cents each. I could have spent hundreds there but I didn’t want to have to move it all, so I’m thrilled to be going back next weekend. I may miss the old store which had wooden floors and an indefinably weird vibe, but this place has kind of grown on me. And now that it’s been open for a while it’s finding its own weirdness, which is a gift. Fly your freak flag proudly, I say!

We stopped at Staples to get some more bubble wrap and I tested some new desk chairs because mine has seen better days. And stopped at Starbucks for coffee to go with our desserts which we’d gotten at Panera.

After Barbara left, Glinda came by with Jim to pick up the mixer I’m giving her, and I gave Jim a light fixture for his (sorta newish) place. They were out and about looking for a new mattress for Glinda and some cat litter, and then were going back to the villa, so I gave them my bags from AmSciPlus to take over. I think our Eddie Izzard tickets had arrived, so I told her where to find the envelope. Woot!

And now everyone is gone, and I’ve just finished the second half of my sandwich which was still excellent in spite of having been sitting around for five hours. I also got a loaf of asiago cheese bread, an everything bagel and two cookies. The bread and bagel will keep me feeling like I actually have real food in the house for a few days, and the cookies… will be eaten tonight, I’m sure of it. *g*

Okay, back to packing. Before I drop off to sleep.


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