I’ve never been too inclined to celebrate St. Pats

Because I don’t think it was very nice of him to be so mean to the snakes. But I did put my feet up, turn on the special Irish episodes of “Ghost Hunters” they were showing tonight, and broke open a bottle of ale in honor of the day and all my Irish friends.

Packing the kitchen and bathroom is a progressive activity. First you pack everything you’re pretty sure you won’t need for the next month, then the stuff you probably won’t need for the next week, and finally all the rest of the stuff you’re hoping you won’t need for the next day or so. As I pack, I consolidate what’s left into smaller and smaller spaces so now I have five kitchen drawers filled, mostly with cutlery and gadgets of various kinds, four cabinets filled with dishes, which I’ll get to tomorrow, and half the lazy susan filled with various foodstuffs like cereal (I fear I’ll be eating quite a lot of that next week) and the various half-used things which I won’t be bringing along. The same is true for the fridge. Little-by-little I’m clearing things out. I figure that if I don’t care to eat these things now, when the only other alternatives are to carry them with me to the new place or toss them, I pretty much won’t be buying them anymore.

I heard from Anna. She wants the dining room set, so that’s another big headache over with. I’m going to call the movers tomorrow to firm up the date and get a time from them. Prolly 8 a.m. I’ve sort of decided to hand my keys to Mike on Saturday and let him take anything from the basement or garage he thinks he can use, and ask him to deep six the rest. That’ll pretty effectively empty everything out. And then on Monday, the 31st, I’ll turn the keys over to the new owner and it’ll be over. Gene is going to be doing lock work at the villa on Monday, too.

The Cocteau plates cleaned up very well. I really am thinking they’d look great on the red wall with my Chat Noir poster.

Someday I’ll be able to sit on my sun porch with my feet up, watching the birds in my garden, and knowing that my house is clean and everything is in place. I figure that will be some time in 2012.


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