There’s something wrong with this moving concept

moving 022008 019
I mean, you spend weeks packing up everything you own, a few hours schlepping it to a new space and then weeks unpacking it all. There should be some better way of doing things, but I can’t quite figure it out right now. In fact, I’m so devoid of any desire to do anything that I’ve had to bribe myself to pack. For each room I finish I get to buy one thing off my wish lists over at This is significant in light of the fact that last night I spent a few hours adding about fifty items to various lists. Much for the home (a wok, some interior design books, a new litter box) some music (complete works of Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) and a whole lot of books about stuff like amigurumi, quilting, crochet.

I still haven’t done much of anything but when I do, there’s a lot of treats to choose from!

moving 022008 005 I’m reduced to standing up to eat unless I take my plate into another room. And I’ve reinstalled the microwave because I want to box up my pots and pans soon. I’m not supposed to move until the end of March, but what I really want is to get a lot of stuff into the new place so that the move itself doesn’t cost me a small fortune. I have so much crafting stuff, so much framed art (which is hard to pack) and a bunch of small appliances that I hate the idea of packing. I’m thinking about trying to get much of that over to my new flat before the move date. Leave the books and furniture for the husky lads from Golan’s.

My goal is to have both bathroom and kitchen fairly well set up by the time of the actual move. That way the most critical stuff is in place, and the night of the move won’t be hideous.

moving 022008 009 One of the gals from my live journal friends’ list volunteered to come pack in exchange for a couple of the small appliances I’m giving away. I told her it wasn’t necessary, but she seems to want to and boy I could use the help with the delicate stuff. Since she says she’s a whiz-bang packer of delicate things, I told her she is more than welcome and I’d feed her, too!

And this coming weekend, Dawn, Taylor and I are going up to the Home Decorator’s Collection store to check out some items we’ve been eying in their catalog. Dawn is looking for a sofa and I’m considering a banquette group for my sun porch. And of course we’ll be making our traditional stop at Ikea for ideas and measurements.

What I really want to be doing is making stuff. This is all happening too fast and too slow at the same time. But it’s a Good Thing. Completely.


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