The week so far

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. It’s been a quiet week so far, what with class being canceled for Monday, and not having the oomph to get out and get my hair cut. And Monday morning sucked rocks. Seriously. Big, gritty rocks. My insurance company called me to let me know part of my insurance was being canceled for non-payment, but I have absolutely no record of having gotten a bill. Fortunately the agent sent me a copy and I sent a check in right away. And then I got a call from my property attorney letting me know that Developer Guy is demanding all sorts of stuff like warranties and window treatments. Warranties? What part of “as is” does he not get? He changes the play book every time I talk to him and I’m getting sick of it. And window treatments for God’s sake!

Here’s how it stands for me: I’ll leave shades or something on every window that’s not frosted. I’m leaving a washer and dryer, stove and fridge, microwave, garbage disposal, mini fridge, security system and all the light fixtures except two in the living room which I’ll replace. They’ll get my new coffee maker by prying it from my cold, dead hands. As for warranties, the deal I made was to sell this place “as is.” If that’s not what we’re doing, then I’d just as soon not do the deal at all. I never wanted to move in the first place, and this packing-and-schlepping business really stinks. And then I have work to do in the new place! I’d just gotten this place pretty close to how I want it, so why should I want to go to all that trouble if I could stay here?

In the shadow of the desktop.Fortunately the afternoon picked up with the arrival of my new laptop which I plan on making my main computer. The desktop I’ll keep for graphics work. I’ve ordered a wireless router so I’ll be able to use the laptop anywhere in the building. Wheeee!

One good thing about planning a move: You get your priorities straight. I’m getting rid of a ton of stuff that I don’t want to move. And if I don’t want to move it, I don’t want to keep it, do I? It’s something of a relief to see these things more clearly.

The new computer is gorgeous, and her name is “Persimmon” in honor of my business which will be a prominent part of what I do with her. As for Windows Vista… I can’t say I hate it, but I can’t say I like it either. Let’s just say it’s nowhere near as bad as Win ME or Windows for Workgroups, but it’s not nearly as good as XP. I’m going to give it a few weeks and if I come to hate it or miss XP too much, I’m going to downgrade. It might be worth it to get some of this crapware off the computer. AOhelL won’t let me uninstall! I hate AOL with the fury of a thousand super novas.

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom cabinets and drawers, and packed one box filled with stuff I know I won’t use — hope I won’t have to use — before I move. I figure two more boxes will do for the rest of the stuff, and that’s really only because I have a lot of glass, and some long-handled brushes. I cleaned the kitchen cabinets last week, and got it down to the lazy susan and one small cabinet filled with tea. I cannot live without tea! And I’m systematically cleaning out my fridge and freezer. I figure whatever is left, if I haven’t eaten at least some of it before I move, I don’t want it at all.

I also got a lot of felting done yesterday. I decided to try an experiment where I felted over a very cheap pillow. I’d say it’s about a C+ over all. Some things about it I liked, some I didn’t. The corners were hard to do and ended up sort of smushed. And ensuring coverage waas a nightmare. I do like a felted pillow, and I love the combination of wool and silk I used. The silk especially has such vivid colors. I really want to use more of it in the future. I also used Noro Iro yarn (wool and silk) to define areas of the pillow and as piping around the edges. It felts down nicely without disappearing completely. I also broke about 10 needles doing this, and find in general that I like using a single needle best. A needle holder with half a dozen needles is great to do big areas, but finishing and detail work especially really need a single needle.

Today, no more felting, at least not until tonight. I’m going to go fill a box with felting stuff, label it and put it with the other packed craft supplies. Now I have to go chase my cat for a while. A day without a game of Get-the-Kitty is like a day without sunshine!


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