Wow, I just made a ton of soap! I made vanilla-scented soaps for people, and peppermint-scented ones for puppies (and a couple of people I know who love strong, clean scents.) While I’m not ready to take on the actual process of making soap from fat and lye, mix-and-pour bases offer a very nice alternative, allowing me to add whatever I want to the mix. My next batch will probably be rose-scented with whole rosebuds in the (transparent) bars. Or filled with lavender buds which are heavily scented enough to skip the essential oil. Right now, of course, I’m focused on Christmas gifts, but in the future I plan to experiment.

Yesterday I mixed up some body lotion and was very pleased with the result. I’m using an additive called “hydrovance” which makes the lotion very silky and binds moisture to the skin even better than glycerin. Because it’s impossible to make things like lotion without getting about 10% of the mix on yourself (a percentage which also holds true for making things with chocolate) I rubbed a liberal amount onto my hands and arms last night. And today, even after a shower, my skin looks and feels wonderful.

Once I finish with gifts, all this gets packed away so I can concentrate on finishing the jewelry I’ve promised. I feel terrible having made one person wait as long as I have, and she’s been so very nice about it, too. She’s first on the list.

Yesterday Ziggy came by, looked at my stuff and left without saying yea or nay to buying it. I wish I knew what that meant. I know the market for antiques and fine furniture is as depressed as everything else is, but a semi-maybe might’ve been nice. Or a flat-out “no.” I did show him the secretary, too. If he offers me a decent price I’ll sell. I love it, but it really doesn’t work with anything else.

Mmmm, smell of peppermint wafting through the house!


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