My alarm cat didn’t go off this morning

He wanted to sleep in. That’s the problem with alarm cats, they’re unpredictable, particularly when it’s cold out and Mommy is all snugged down in a warm bed with a lovely cat-warming space just under the covers. Fortunately I checked the time about five minutes before the furnace guy showed up at my door, flew out of bed and dressed in record time.

What I put in place of my microwave

I made the decision to go microwave-free a week or so ago, and on Friday I took it off my counter, replacing it with my Kusmi tea and some other nice tins. Isn’t this a lovely way to package honey?


And the best lemon juicer ever:

Best lemon juicer ever

The use of it is sort of counter-intuitive — at least to me it is — because you put the lemon into it with the cut side facing the bottom of the bowl shaped sieve. Essentially, as you squeeze you turn the half lemon inside out. But it’s the best, most efficient citrus juicer I’ve ever used. They’re Mexican, I believe, and well worth the price. It’s always been kind of hard to find them online, and now the enameled ones seem impossible to find. But don’t bother with the acrylic ones because I’m guessing they’ll break. You want a good, solid metal one.

And… the workspace:

Work space

That is all. Must go drink tea now. There’s an excerpt from “Nixon in China” on the radio right now and it’s making me kind of antsy.


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