Severe weather alert?

Um… not really. I scratch my head when I see stuff like that and it turns out to be a frost advisory. It’s nearly November. A first frost is inevitable, and in fact I would pay for one right now if it meant my allergies would calm down a bit and I’d be able to move my head without feeling as though someone put a piece of flubber inside my skull.

It’s been a week of swag here, and I haven’t really done much work since I got back from ZebraCon. The net result is that the studio looks as if someone came along and shook it, and the office looks as if he then picked up anything that fell on the floor of the studio and dumped it on my desk. The amount of paperwork I need to do is horrifying. Thank goodness most of it is shredding and can be dumped into a basket until I get the time to feed it through the destructo machine.

In the swag department:

  • A load of yarn from NuMei which remains one of the more reasonably priced outlets for yarn in spite of their additions of higher-end yarns like Catena and Synergy. I bought a skein of each of these because they seemed like NuMei’s anaglogs to some of the more interesting Feza yarns like Alp, Dazzle or Premiere. I actually like the Catena better than any of the Feza line. Also purchased, some of the new Malibu, a few new Okimi colors, and several bags at extraordinary prices.
  • Three books from Paumes: “Paris Kitchens 2,” “Paris Studios” and “Lady Artists’ Studios “(Best left untranslated, IMO, as “Ateliers des filles.”) I love these and hope to order a few more in the not too distant future.
  • A stack of mostly Halloween-y films from Columbia House. They were cheap, I was in the mood. Alas, I’d forgotten how dreadful “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” really was. That, “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” and “Sleepy Hollow” go on my hella-cool-look shelf as inspiration for work, but not much else.
  • Stacks of magazines. I appear to be getting “Harpers Bazaar” as a freebie now. I have no clue why. Picked up three house and home mags while I was at CVS yesterday and found a stack waiting for me in the mail.
  • Halloween pressie from Banchomarba, a pair of ATCs! Woot, how cool is that??
ATCs from Ssimpson12

I’m trying to get back into the habit of taking my camera with me when I go out. Yesterday was nicely overcast, so I tossed the camera into my bag and set out to run my errands. I’ve got a bruise on my leg where the camera bounced against it, and I was almost back home before I saw anything I really wanted to photograph, but then I saw this little booger and couldn’t resist.

I loves me some squirrels

He and three buddies were scampering about, doing their “La, la, la, I’m a squirrel and life is good, la… oh my gosh, did I leave the gas on??? NO! I’m a squirrel! La, la, la…” This was one of the did-I-leave-the-gas-on moments. The squirrels in my neighborhood are fearless and as soon as you stop moving they run towards you figuring that you’re going to toss them a hunk of food. I was a little worried that if I stopped moving for too long I’d have one scampering up my leg.

Two little ghosts Then I saw these two little ghosties, waving from their spookily decorated window.

This isn’t a neighborhood that goes all out for Halloween, which is a shame. I love Halloween decorations, though in all honesty, I don’t put them out either. I don’t really have a good place to decorate, and I suspect that my reputation in this area is sinister enough as it is, living as I do in what resembles a fortress. If ever I move, I plan to do up the holidays right, and scare all the neighborhood children into joyful, shrieking fits. They’ll love me; I’ll give them all sorts of ammunition for delicious shivers.

My homegirls were over for supper on Friday and I made a wonderful butternut squash tika masala, with apples, snap peas and sweet potatoes, and some Trader Joe’s biryani. We opted to watch something other than Buffy/Angel eps this week, and ended up watching this week’s ep of Heroes again, and then “Serenity” because Glinda and I had both been jonesing to see it. How much do I want another Firefly universe film?

We had freshly baked cookies and vanilla ice cream for dessert, watched Keith Olbermann, discussed Big Gay Dumbledore, and finally did watch one episode of Angel because Judy Moe wanted some Lorne Love. It was a nice evening. We meet again on Dia de los muertos, so it’s Mexican food, and scary movies.


Do not attempt to sautee and serve on toast

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