Last night on Countdown, one of Keith’s guests was President Clinton who was there to speak about his Global Initiative. While there he mentioned, an organization which solicits loans for small businesses all over the world. You can loan as much or as little (down to $25 per loan) as you feel comfortable with in aid of things like clinics, retail stores, artisans, farms, etc.

The needs of these people are modest. They don’t ask for $10 million to take over another company. They ask for $1000 to expand their product line, or add facilities to their clinic. And it’s not charity, it’s a loan. They could default; I’m guessing most don’t if they can possibly prevent it.

I’ve long believed that one can’t fight ideas with force. No matter how many people you kill, the idea still lives on. You fight ideas with ideas. How better to do this than to say “I believe in you.”?

Anyway, I think it’s a worthy cause, and I wanted to recommend it to you all.


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