The last stretch before the convention

ZebraCon is less than two weeks away now, and I’m in the final stretch of getting ready. Last night I took the time to clear up my workspace a little and put the finished items in trays so I can pack them easily. I have a ton of display items to bring along including a clothing rack. Karen and I are not looking forward to trying to pack it all into her car.

Here are some photos of the newest stuff, and a couple of older items:

Bead and hammered copper necklace. There’s a matching bracelet of simple hammered copper in my stock, too.

Crazy copper necklace

Buddha necklace of turquoise, amber and carnelian. The Buddha pendant looks quite old. I’m not sure of its origin.

Buddha necklace

Amulet pouch

Amulet pouch

Misc. earrings, many made with vintage buttons

Misc. earrings

Ornate cross necklace. Setting those tiny crystals into the cross was crazy-making


Some bottle-cap and Mardi Gras dubloon earrings


Rings: Wire wrap, memory wire and stitched seed beads


And on a less commercial note, I was in the kitchen this morning, watering the Aerogarden and saw this:

Tomato 090407 001

I have a tomato! Granted it’s quite tiny, but it’s a tomato!!! Here’s a photo which will give you some idea of its size:

Tomato 090407 003

That’s a dime beside it. Is that cool or what? Little mini tomato.


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