Busy, busy, busy

I’ve started exercising again, and it’s given me a ton more energy each day. That’s one thing I wish I could remember when I try to convince myself that I really don’t need to get up on the treadmill every day. Anyway, I’ve been working on some jewelry for the con (and after) and have also made an executive decision to change the name of my business from Belle Epoque Designs (nice, but kind of unexciting, and definitely projecting an image that isn’t really accurate) to Persimmon Frost. I don’t know if I’ll be changing the name of my blog, or moving it or what, but for now it all stays the same. Thanks to Shari at Teenie Beads (Soon to become Rose Valley Glassworks.) for the brainstorming that produced the name from the long list of possibilities I was spouting.


jewelry 081607 030

Here’s a pin made mostly from old buttons that I bought on eBay from Glitterati2 who is, btw, a wonderful vendor. And she has the most amazing stuff!

jewelry 081607 025

My friend, Glinda, was over the other night and started playing with the little piece with the shoes on it. She ended up getting sidetracked by some of my books, and didn’t complete the piece so I stole the shoes from her and made this.

jewelry 081607 022

Scavenged from my hoarde of buttons and old jewelry, and another scavenged piece that I made years ago. Some of these bits are really recycled!

jewelry 081607 011

I think what really makes this pin is the purple and gold dichroic bead. This is another from Shari at Teenie Beads (see above) Doesn’t she do wonderful work??

jewelry 081607 008

I never used to like working with green, but now I love it.

jewelry 081607 004

And finally, the necklace I’ve been calling “Alma” because for some reason I think of Alma Mahler when I look at it. Unfortunately I think part of it will have to be restrung because it just isn’t hanging correctly. Oh well, huh?

Ugly Betty will be on soon. I think I’m going to go look at the fall clothing catalogs and have a glass of iced tea.


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