Why wasn’t I born twins?

I am so tired. I’ve been wanting to make posts here for over a week now, and I just couldn’t pull together the time to do it. I have a garage sale this weekend which is sucking up most of my free time, or was until I hit upon the idea of billing it as “Everything is $1 except the stuff that’s not.” Most of my items will be $1 just to get them out of the house and into new homes. That just leaves the big stuff to tag. Oh and those 12 boxes in my dining room to sort through.

Magickitteh 005
Last Friday my cat, Caddy had a seizure. It was brief and frightening for both of us, and I don’t have a regular vet, so I had to scramble to find someone to take him to. Fortunately fate seems to have been kind. I’ve found the nicest guy in the world, and he gave Caddy a thorough checkup and wrote him a scrip for phenobarbital which — thank the great mother of cats — he seems to actually enjoy when I mix it into his food. He also seems to be doing well, which makes me guardedly optimistic. We’ll be going back on the 29th, and I’ll know more then.

Hair! 011
I was supposed to have a haircut on Friday, but had to cancel. Fortunately, the place is near my house, and I ran over once I got Caddy safely home and begged Sandy to take me anyway because if ever a woman looked funky, it was me that afternoon. So I went from being a brunette with hair almost long enough to put in a tiny pigtail to… well you can see the result here. It isn’t quite as blonde as it seems, I still have a good deal of brown in it, but I was sick of coloring it to cover the gray, and this is the best way to let it grow out without suffering through a brown-orange gradient. I actually like it, and my friends seem to as well. One of them called it “sassy.”

Between that and a lot of paperwork that I simply haven’t had time to get to, and another bad, sad Father’s Day weekend (I lost my father just before Father’s Day 2005.) and all the necessary stuff of living, and having two possible buyers for my building fighting for my attention — one is taking me to lunch next month — I haven’t even had time to catch up with my RSS feeds. I read for an hour tonight, just the art/craft/decor blogs, and I still have over 100 to go. I haven’t even looked at the political, food or tech ones yet.

Garden, June 2007
I really had intended to keep up here; it’s an important aspect of my attempt to grab hold of the life and career I want to have. And now, between the lack of time, and the fact that I have a convention coming up in September and I need all my stock for that, I can’t even update my Etsy shop. (Not that I’ve sold anything. I don’t think anyone’s really noticed I’m there. *g*) However, as I’ve had to spend time working on my garden this week, here’s a nice shot of part of it. I’m blessed to have some good people working with me on this, and the garage sale, making it all just a bit easier.

I did spend some time working on a scrumbled sweater last week, but can’t do much more or even photograph it until I get a dress form to work on. One thing I did want to mention, though, and that is an eBay seller called Glitterati2 who sells wonderful old vintage jewelry and buttons. There was a mix-up on the auction I won, and so we ended up corresponding a bit, discovered that we both had a mutual passion for shiny things, and a ton of stuff we couldn’t use, so we’re now trading. I would highly recommend that anyone who loves vintage shiny things check out her auctions because she has some wonderful wares. The coolest thing, though? I feel as if I’ve made a new friend.