More, wilder flights of fancy

N. Colmore Auction Lot
Originally uploaded by crowolf.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Crowolf for a while now. His imagination coupled with his mad Photoshop skilz has produced so many photos which surprise, delight, intrigue and even horrify me that it’s difficult for me to pick out two or three to show here in an attempt to get you all to go see his work on Flickr.

What first attracted me was his work with the Neville Colmore “Fatagravures”

A Scottish adventurer, inventor, and photographer named Neville Colmore claimed to have constructed a device capable of “…parting the veil of Faery…”. The device, which he called the “Spectobarathrum”, produced beautiful photo graphic plates he called “fatagravures”, through a now lost process. The original “Spectobarathrum” along with all of the images he claimed to have made were believed destroyed in a fire.

Some of these images are amusingly silly, some actually a little frightening, and all touched with a wonderful, highly developed sense of the fantastic.

Crowolf isn’t all about the fantasy by any means. He’s documented zoos, cemetery art, and the lives of his children, including photos of his blind, severely autistic son, in which he tries to understand a little about how his son experiences the world. Whatever else these latter photos have accomplished for Crowolf, for us they show the deep love and concern of a father for his son.

Crowolf also has a website, Crowolf Design, where his illustration and design talents are showcased. It’s well worth a visit. But whatever else you do, go see his photos. Just click through on either of the pics in this entry, and be transported.


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