Being very much a what-the-heck? sort of gal, I decided to take a chance and subscribe to Adorn magazine sight unseen. It’s billed as “the crafty girl’s guide to embellishing life” and I figured how can I go wrong with that? So my first copy arrived today and I have to say that it’s a cute little zine, very slick and pretty. It has a heavy emphasis on fashion, which is okay, though not my first choice for magazine content. Of the craft articles, most are on the trendy side, and a little basic. Again, fine, it’s valid even if I’m not as interested in it as I’d hoped. There are a couple of short, book reviews and a lot of must-have-it space filled with fairly generic craft items or and home/personal accessories like polka-dot martini glasses.

It’s probably obvious that I’m a little underwhelmed by the magazine, though I don’t want to put it down. I rather wish I hadn’t subscribed, but I’ll make the most of it. The only thing that really bothers me, and of course this is a wholly personal issue, is that everyone in this zine looks about 20 and is probably a size 2. And yeah, I find that kind of off-putting. Maybe the message is supposed to be that craft isn’t just for little old ladies who raise cats and geraniums. It’s trendy! It’s happening! ZOMG Must. Make. Things. So if that’s about where you’re at with craft, go for it. You may well like the zine and get a lot out of it. I remain interested if unconvinced.


One thought on “Adorn

  1. I’m lucky that I can usually check an magazine out before I subscribe because we have so many great newstands. I seldom find one that I want to have every issue of and the one or two that I may want (i.e. Calligraphy) are too expensive for my budget. Thank heavens for the Internet because I can find almost everything that I want there and just for the cost of my service. Nancy


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