I took the day off today

Not only was it my birthday (I’m officially 55, but as my doc assures me I can pass for 35, that’s what I’m doing.) but I had a blistering headache for much of the day. It was the first birthday I spent without either of my folks, and honestly it was kind of sad for me in spite of all the kind wishes and good things people were saying on my Live Journal. So I kept my head down and just let the day roll over me. I did have chocolate. That helped.

And now I’m having a ball over at Flickr, joining groups and uploading photos. What a wonderful place that is. The digital age is quite a boon to people who have been inhibited by the cost of conventional photography. Now we can take a chance, we can experiment.

So here are two of my experiments. The first is a chair I saw just sitting under a tree in Lincoln Square. It was posted on my LJ in answer to a friend’s photo of a chair floating down the Chicago river on an ice floe. The amazing peripatetic Chicago chair:

The Peripatetic Chicago Chair

The second is one of the sillier photos I’ve taken of my cat. He’s my special boy and he took care of me all day.



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